Wednesday, May 28, 2008

As a child growing up in the 90's, I was accustomed to flannelette shirts, shiny nylon tracksuits, Party of Five, and spent my days wondering whether Ross and Rachel would ever get together. Mum jeans were young jeans, the Spice Girls still wore themed outfits, and Hanson were a trio of long-haired ponces that the laydeez loved. They were good days.

And of course, there was one TV show to rule them all. One that remained supreme, while the others passed by making only a small impact on my cultural upbringing. Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, Annndrea, Steve, Donna and David! BH 90210! Oh, you know you loved it. So imagine the excitement of my 10-year old inner child after discovering that they're making another one.

Unfortunately, this Youtube preview suggests that it might be a bit OC-ish rather than a bunch of kids hanging out in the Peach Pit, facing problems like alcoholism (after having two whole drinks), or the best way to write a character out of the series after it becomes obvious that he's unpopular and not necessary to the storyline.

It does promise to feature a guest appearance from both Kelly (the pale one) and Donna (the one who was cast because her dad made the show), so maybe it will relive some of its former glory.

On a sidenote, I would like to congratulate BAG on going from this:

To becoming a bad boy with tats who scored Megan Fox:

Playing the synthesizer and wearing gigantic colourful shirts really does get you places. I will most definitely keep it up. Good show, old chap.


Lucy said...

I have a confession to make - I met Luke Perry back in the day and although teeny tiny (would barely have been 5'6) he was lovely.

I'll sell you my autograph if you want :)

RAT said...

Lucy, I am way jealous. Did you berate him for sleeping with Kelly while he was still with Brenda? Did he wrinkle his forehead a lot, and have perfectly-styled hair? I would buy your autograph, but I was actually more of a Brandon girl. And the fact that I just admitted that, considering how scary he's looking these days, means I am a brave girl.

Anonymous said...

*raises hand* I was a Brandon girl too. And, well, rather obsessed.

Tis sad - I've been rewatching the show on DVD and he's such a judgemental, rude, obnoxious ass and yet i was so so in love with him.

I suspect New 90210 will be shitey. But I'll be watching it. Damn my stupid addiction to high school shows.

RAT said...

MissE, did you used to collect the 90210 cards? I did. I kept getting the ones with Ian Ziering on them. (Oh my God you can buy them on ebay). And I've also been rewatching the show. I'm midway through season three. It is so very awesome.