Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok, so where am I at. This is rhetorical.

I'm a week and a half into my new job and I'm still in panic mode, to be honest. I haven't been given too much to do yet and I keep trying to think of ways to fill my time. I have been very, very tempted to blog but it has been far too long since I used to fill my quiet work hours with blog posts and I feel way too guilty at the thought. Even more guilty knowing that this job is such a great opportunity, which I'm not supposed to be wasting, etc.

So I have been studying. And taking practice exams. A lot of. My exam is on the 18th of September and I plan on kicking much arse. I have also been given free reign over a test lab (with permission to break it) and I went up there today and had a play, though I feel very nervous doing so. I am just trying to feel comfortable with using my brain again and being in a completely different type of environment, I guess. An environment which is, by the way, a total sausage-fest. Not that this makes a difference, but it's an interesting sidenote.

Meanwhile, I have been keeping in touch with my old team pretty regularly, exchanging e-mails and messages all over the place, and the word on the street is that they don't like my replacement. It might be because I was slack and let them get away with a lot. In fact, this is very, very likely. It's good to be popular*.

That "spending time in my own head" bit I mentioned last post? Yeah, still doing that.

A lot.

The next three or four weeks are busy and pretty much planned out for me. Bridge to Brisbane, Ben Folds, a friend's birthday party, High Tea with the laydeez, and a yum cha date. Between each of those, insert work, studying like crazy because I don't want to fail this exam, tennis and whatever other exercise I can be arsed doing, and practising piano so that I don't completely suck. For me, this is super crazy busy. I normally sit around watching 30 Rock and wishing that Tina Fey was my girlfriend. Busy.


*As a sidenote, I was nominated by somebody and then voted Chairperson of the Social Club at work, right before I left. Yes, people actually voted for me. I have never been picked for anything, ever. Has something gone out of whack, somewhere in the universe?


Pomgirl said...

Is it sad that I needed to google 'sausage-fest'? Or sadder still that I was disappointed it had nothing to do with food?

I've always wondered what it would be like to work in a male dominated environment. What do boys talk about?

Adam said...

Family Guy mostly, sometimes the conversation ranges to Transporter 3, Call of Duty 4 and pizza. It's everything you would expect and a whole lot less.

Hey RAT, you totally don't have to answer this, but what sort of techy stuff are you playing with? I'm guessing it's not SAP because that usualy isn't a sword fight at all, is it some sort of unix something something? said...

Oh my god. I knew it, I am a boy.
If you just replace Call of Duty 4 with Fallout, this is the daily conversation fodder at my house.

And Tina Fey would make an awesome girlfriend.

Mark said...

Chair of the Social Club? That's weird.

With you on the Tina Fey fandom. In fact, the other day I was going to comment that you seemed to have a lot on your mind-grapes, but I figured that you would never get it. Dang!

nailpolishblues said...

Pomgirl, is it one of those odd Aussie things?

I like working in a male dominated environment (that sounds rather kinky actually). It's pretty hilarious and almost no conversation topic/word is off limits - which is great for me.

RAT said...

Pomgirl, imagine if there was a food-based sausage-fest! As in a festival full of different sausages to try! Oh, how wonderful it would be. Adam is pretty much spot on with what boys talk about, but I am thinking that I might make a bit of a list of some of the funnier stuff and turn it into a blog post soon.

Adam, good sir, it is actually server administration-type of stuff, along with a whole heap of other crap mixed in (check your e-mail, mister!).

i.h.m.n, don't worry, I think that I am also more dude than girl. And Tina Fey would be the best girlfriend ever! I have a huge girlcrush on her.

Mark, I'm a bit scary-stalker-obsessed with 30 Rock of late, so make all the references you like.

Nails, I think that I am going to like it as well. Slightly worried that I'm going to be completely desensitised to crudeness/excessive profanity and then blurt something obscene in front of my mother, though.