Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So we are back in Bangkok, for our final two nights before heading home. It's sad to know that I'll be returning to work on Monday, and my days as wanderer/traveller are over for a while, but I'm happy about the comforts: sleeping in the same bed for several nights in a row, being able to wash my clothes whenever I want to, and living out of a house instead of a bag. That kind of thing.

It's been a great experience. I'll blog more detail about it all later. I know there'll be some adjusting to do when I get home, i.e. I won't be able to barter quite as much, and when I want a taxi I'll have to call Black & White Cabs, or hail one in the city, because they will no longer be clamouring to give me a ride every time I walk past. Plus there's just not enough bar girls in slinky dresses sitting around outside restaurants to entice customers at home, goshdarnit.

The thing I am looking forward to the least: getting up at 5:45am on Monday morning to get ready for work. My brain is going to think that it is 2:45am, Bangkok time. I asked for extra days off to try and adjust, but I wasn't able to get any longer than the three weeks. My first day back is going to be very miserable indeed.

I finished High Fidelity by Nick Hornby on the flight this morning, and it is the first book which I have really thoroughly enjoyed in quite a while. It is brutally frank about relationships, and what we feel versus what we are supposed to feel, and the true selfishness behind some of the things we do. Plus, it made me giggle out loud, and that hardly happens with any books, ever.

Next time I blog I'll be on Australian soil. There'll be pictures and the like. And if I ever get my firewire working, there'll be dodgy, shitty, wobbly video footage with my crappy commentary in the background.

Exciting much?


Lucy said...

So, I understand you're back on Australian soil and no doubt had a craptacular first day back at work.

But there should be video's here with your commentary already, yes?

RAT said...

Lucy, alas, my firewire is buggered. But I fully intend to get it sorted, I swear! And then I will have to go through six hours of footage (yes, six hours) to find a few seconds where I'm not pointing the camera at the floor, out of focus, or saying something incredibly stupid.