Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate doing stuff on the weekend.

Give me a weekend where I sleep in and then sit around all day, playing with my computer and watching DVD's, please. And then I actually feel like I've had a break. Give me a weekend where I have Things To Do, and I'm back at work before I know it. And it blows.

On Saturday, I:
  • Left the house at 9am for my piano lesson. My old teacher left before Christmas, so I have switched from being taught by a quirky boy, to a quirky girl. She has red hair and has met Tori Amos. I am learning Moonlight Sonata. All is well in piano land.

  • As I was on the North side, I didn't fancy driving all the way back home, as I knew I would be heading out to the same area again that afternoon. So I went to a nearby shopping centre. I had my hair cut, so that it is pretty much the same, but with some wispy bits. I was a bit concerned the hairdresser seemed to focus on thinning out my hair as much as possible, but it seems to have turned out ok. But a little thin.

  • Following this, I picked up a couple of things I needed, splurged on some fancy tea, and bought perfume. In other words, I spent a shitload. Next time I am wanting to kill a couple of hours, could somebody please remind me that going to a large building full of shops is not the best, or most cost-efficient idea.

  • I had lunch. I ate sushi in my car, and spilt soy sauce all over my pants.

  • With my brown splodgy pants, I went to a tupperware party. That is, I went to the first tupperware party of my life. I am not totally into parties where the discussion revolves around various types of containers, but I made an exception. The friend who was holding the party is quirky, and awesome, and I thought it was going to be a quirky and awesome tupperware party. ALAS. I sat down, completely clueless about what I was supposed to do and tried to join in with the closest conversation:

    Tupperware Lover #1: Ooh, there's so much I want to buy!
    TL#2: Oh, me too. Did you know they are discontinuing this line? [jabs finger at booklet]
    TL#1: [gasps] What? But it's so beautiful!
    TL#2: The Winter catalogue will be out soon, I can hardly wait!
    Me: [zones out for ten minutes]
    TL#1: So what are you going to buy, RAT?
    Me: [jolts back to consciousness] Oh, some plastic containers, I think.
    TL#1 & TL#2: [simultaneously laugh heartily at the tupperware noob]

    So I bought my obligatory plastic containers, and said my goodbyes, and vowed to never go to a tupperware party again. The tupperware lady asked me if I wanted to host my own party, to which I outwardly said "no, thanks" and inwardly screamed "HELL NO!"

  • Went home for half an hour. Blabbed about my day so far to Beardie.

  • Went to dinner with friends. Had Peking Duck, for the first time ever. Eating duck skin pancakes was quite interesting, and tasty, and I had a lovely time. Discussed such things as downloading John Cleese's voice for my GPS, and dodgy movie remakes.

  • Went home, collapsed in a heap for a few minutes before going to bed.
I tried to make up for this day in the best way I could, by sitting around in fat pants all day on Sunday. You people with your busy social lives must be nuts.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, some plastic containers, I think". See, you may have been jolted back to tupperwareality, but I still reckon the noob-laugh that resulted was actually an awed laugh at something that sounds to be like some light, twinkly, cynical ennui showing itself as entertaining wit.

You're the Oscar(ina) Wilde of the Ware-set, baby!

(I can't remember what we did on the weekend. Maroochydore shops, I think. Beach. Garden. Certainly no socialising, as I'm a chronic hermit, and that's the way I like it)

Mark said...

Tupperware parties, Chinese food and piano lessons? Slow down there, wild child!

Not that I can talk. I actually did watch dvds and play with my computer on teh weekend.

Rugby Weather said...

I wish I could just sit around all day and do nothing. But if I did so, I fear my wife would disown me. But so is the life of being ADD. I feel like I'm accomplishing alot but in all actuallity, it is nothing at all, and my wife still wants to disown me.
So is my life. Like right now...I should be vacuuming, but instead I am doing this and watching BattleStar Galactica Weblogs getting ready for the season final 10 episodes.
Who is the final Cylon? People want to know!!

RAT said...

monstnmags, here I was feeling all tupper-dejected and you come in and throw a positive spin on it. I bet you're right. I bet everyone is entranced by my tupper-wit! And I'm glad to hear that someone else loves the hermit life. Damn this socialising!

Mark, three events in one day was huuuge for me! Normally I would restrict myself to just one, and request alcohol to help me through. But three separate social encounters, alcohol free, is a great feat for me. I'm almost a real grown-up now. But totally jealous of your weekend.

Rugby Weather, I guess I am fortunate in that Beardie is almost a bigger hermit than I am. So I rarely have to worry about being dragged along to events which would inevitably improve my social skills. Hoorah! Also, I will make sure I ask Beardie who is the final Cylon and he will be very impressed and think I am
the Battlestar Galactica girlfriend he has always dreamed of.