Thursday, November 13, 2008

To prove that I am not the ever-procrastinating wench that everyone suspects I am, I have achieved two things:
  • Booked my first piano lesson. My overwhelming desire to become one of those music people I envy so much has finally led to me setting the date for next Wednesday, and I expect to have transformed into Tori Amos in approximately one month.
  • Joined a health club and booked in for a health assessment, where I will probably be asked to ride a bike for a while before they pinch my fat with giant pincers. This place is jam-packed with yoga and pilates, which is just what I need for my stupid back with its stupid muscles that suck. I expect to have transformed into a super bendy circus freak in approximately one month.
(Side note: before going to check out this club for the first time, I called up and asked for directions to get there. The lady was very, very vague and would only tell me about things nearby, with no specifics. I turned up, found the place and noted that the location was directly nextdoor to Just Hooters. Oh! Why did you not say you were nextdoor to Just Hooters?! If she had said that, it would've just made my day.)

Obligatory work whinge: I've been letting things get on top of me since I got back. The total misery of being back there on Monday has rolled over into general discontent for the rest of this week, but with Friday rapidly approaching I think I am just about back to normal. This week's reason why I consider this job to be the hardest of my life:

Having to tell a casual staff member that there's no hours available for her, even though she is in desperate need of the money to pay for her husbands medical bills. Her husband who has leukaemia.

Yeah. You want to be me.


Lucy said...

Okay, that last paragraph only re-inforced the fact that I am not cut out for managing people.

That must have really sucked.

Also piano lessons? Nice work. I envy creative people who know how to play instruments or paint. I prefer to be jealous than doing anything proactive though.

And you know this means in 1 month you need to do a podcast of a Tori Amos concert right?

Ben said...

I'd be worried that everyone was thinking I was walking into Just Hooters, not the health club.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone coming in or out of that place...

Mark said...

*Looks up Just Hooters on teh internets*

I can't believe they don't serve food. They should call it 'Merely Tits' so everyone knows not to go there.

Sorry about your crappy job. One day at a time.

Adam said...

It's not called Food and Hooters though, so I think people should be able to work it out.

So, 14th of Dec 2008 should bring us the hottiest, flexiest freak there ever was? Can we get a self-portrait with some way ace before and after? I love before and after.

RAT said...

Lucy, it's a deal. If I can play like Tori Amos in one month, I will do a podcast. I have been given a Kate Bush song to learn before next week and I suck royally. Tori Amos podcast is not looking good.

Ben, that's what makes it great, is that I look like I'm going to Just Hooters after work. And then later in the evening, I emerge from Just Hooters, sweaty and red-faced, as though I've just finished my shift. It makes me seem far more exciting.

Mark, Ben is right in that JH does not have too many customers. Possibly because they don't serve food with their ample cleavage?

Adam, I also love before and after, but this would mean posting pictures of my love handles on the internet. And nobody wants to be subjected to such things.

Adam said...

Young lady, you misunderstood. Your loyal and attractive readers aren't here for photoage, especially depicting of handles of lurve, rather we're here for the artistic imagery. BEFORE AND AFTER DRAWINGS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

RAT said...

Adam, oh! Of course! How could I think that you were speaking of common photography when I possess such mad drawing skillz? I will create a before and after masterpiece, just for you.

Adam said...

Life = Complete.