Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am:
  • lazy. Right now, I can't be arsed doing much of anything at all.
  • puffy-haired from the storm. It seems to be storm season at the moment, with crazy flooding and the like. A couple of hours ago the rain was coming down sideways, and the hail was rattling against the windows. But now it is all quiet, and we are just left with the occasional flash of lightning off in the distance.
  • a bit chuffed that I finally dragged my arse to my first piano lesson. The instructor said that I was very good, but I suspect that he is full of lies and deceit to try and convince me to come back for more lessons. But hey, a compliment is a compliment.
  • also a little bit chuffed that I have made it to the gym, completed a 4-hour pilates workshop and 45 minutes of bending myself into painful positions (i.e. yoga).
  • in agony, from the above.
  • stoked that it's Friday tomorrow. And that I have no meetings to run or attend. I plan on sitting quietly at my desk and muttering to myself like a crazy person until it's home time.
  • a bit giggly, because Beardie gave me flowers today.
  • trying to get ABBA out of my head.
  • going to bed. Soon. Me = tired much.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Adam said...

Um dude, 4 hours of pilates? Whoa! That's like, the most hardcore thing I've ever heard of. You so cwazy.

Since reading your other post, I've actually found my back has been of the ache the last couple of days. Not happy. I'm going to start a petition for the medical industry to stop finding cures for diseases and instead put all their efforts into inventing body replacement surgery. Bad back? Replace it. Bone marrow cancer? Replace. Easily sunburnt? Yeah, you know what to do, replace that skinage.

Mark said...

I think 'very good' in this context means something like 'teachable.' Which is good!

PS: You're learning a Kate Bush song? Will we get to hear you give it the full "HEEEEEEEEEATHCLIFFE!!!!1!!" treatment?

RAT said...

Adam, well, it wasn't four hours of solid pilates. It was a workshop where there was talking, mixed with some pilates, mixed with tensing different muscles, and a pretty red booklet to take home. But saying I did four hours of pilates makes me sound way hardcore! And I will sign your petition! I need replacement muscles, stat.

Mark, I hope so. I think it's got to be more difficult to start trying to learn when I've already picked up a billion bad habits by teaching myself, but I will persevere. I've been given Babooshka rather than Wuthering, and while I can play the opening quite well, it's all downhill from there. Wuthering Heights will be next on the Kate Bush list, due to my ability to occasionally sing freakishly high-pitched. If I can stop sucking so much, then a vlog is definitely on the way.