Saturday, August 2, 2008

Currently reading:

The Virgin Suicides. Because I went all Sofia Coppola Fan Girl over the movie. Kooky shit that doesn't make much sense = my bag.

The book is going ok. It is quite a short book. Yes, this is the best review I can give.

Just watched:

Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Oh yes! Nobody can deny the appeal of James Spader's feathery hair and weird, confronting behaviour.

Spader is just so creepy, yet so appealing. How does he pull off this combo?



Nothing spectacular, to be honest. The same girl who gave me the box of maltesers last time had another box waiting for me a couple of days ago. I think that the roof of my mouth has actually disintegrated.


Diddly, as per usual. Although in work news, my four week stint of acting as my boss is finishing next week, and they have offered it to me again next month, with a chance of it being ongoing. Which means I will be loaded! And stressed. But loaded! I don't think that the bags under my eyes could possibly get any baggier, so hey, what the hell.


Mark said...

The Catcher in the Rye for our time? Quick, ban it! Actually, I might see the movie if it's a good one. Then consider reading the book many years in teh future when my thesis is done.

Anyway, so what's the deal? Are we the only people commenting on each other's blogs this week? :(

water said...

Spader, no! No, no, no. Can't do James Spader, under any circumstance. Especially on that plaid sofa. Eww, creepy man!

RAT said...

Mark, the movie is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, it's a bit arty farty and as I said in the post, it doesn't make a lot of sense. But it's very pretty though? And all is quite quiet on the blog front, I guess. Everyone is getting on with their very exciting lives, I think.

Water, oh, come on now. Everyone's got a secret crush on Spader. What about when he was a womanising arsehole with gigantic shoulderpads in Pretty in Pink? Mm, men named Steph are dreamy.

Totally kidding! Have you seen Secretary? He plays the ultimate strange creepy man in that movie.

lucy said...

I borrowed a copy of the virgin suicides from the library and then said I'd lost it so I got to keep it. Like you said, very dreamy and pretty but so frickin sad.

water said...

I never got over him as the weirdo big brother in Endless Love. It was 1981, I know, but his creepiness is enduring.
But that's OK, go right ahead and swoon, I won't judge you. X

RAT said...

Lucy, I bought a copy of the movie on the weekend. I'd watched it a few times but never actually found it for sale anywhere, but now it is mine, all mine! Muahaha, etc.

Water, I'm not really swooning, I swear! But I will most definitely have to see that movie now. I think it's more of an obsession over his creepiness...