Sunday, May 18, 2008

New blog, new rules. The first rule of RAT is: you do not talk about RAT. Ha! No, but seriously.
  • I will post pictures. A lot of pictures. Photos, plus I will draw magnificent pictures and everyone will be impressed and offer me cash and prizes.
  • I will be honest. Which means I'll blog the boring bits, and the crap bits, and I'm not going to exclude things because I think that nobody is interested, or that nobody will comment. It's my diary, goshdarnit.
  • I am going to review stuff. Movies and music and stuff. Even if nobody else has heard of it. And my reviews will be poorly-worded, snarky, and they will suck.
  • If this is your first night at RAT, you HAVE TO FIGHT. Ha.
  • I am going to try and ditch the paranoia. The interweb is very, very large, and I need to stop thinking that I will lose my job over this, or destroy my relationships over this. Unless I let out the Secrets of the Government, in which case I could possibly lose my job.
  • I will not reveal any Secrets of the Government.
  • This will be a combo blog/vlog. I am going to edit videos and be all creative and shit. But I just need to learn how to do it first.
Let the boring diary full of crap pictures and uninteresting content commence! Hoorah!


audrey said...

All I can say is huzzah.

Also, excellent blog rules. Vlogging. Have you got a mac? If you do, get final cut express. Very cheap and much easier to use than the more basic versions that come with the computer. If you use windows, then you deserve all the pain you're going to get. 1010011001. /geekspeak

nailpolishblues said...

Sounds smashing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yaynessness. And yayness for pop-culture references, even if I don't get them ...

But no government secrets?

I suppose we can't have everything ...

lucy said...

Bloody awesome. And there will be link soon as I figure out how to do it at the new place.

Lulu said...

Fantastic to see you up and running! Looking forward to more!

Shame about the government secrets...

Mr. Guinness said...

Rock on!!
Great to have you back

Steph said...

Hey! Wants wrong with wank poetry?
So great to have you back. xx

Miss Devylish said...

You are the awesomest and I'm so glad you're back! Linking and loving.. Cheers to you sugar!

RAT said...

Audrey! No, I have a plain old PC with Windows on it. It is Vista, which people have told me is crap. Hooray! Though I suspect that even with a mac and fancy video editing software, I would suck.

Nails! Well thank you muchly, you are too kind.

MissE, you fibber, you are the queen of pop culture and you just don't know it. And unfortunately, my government secrets are completely lame :-(

Hi Lucy! Thank you, my lovely.

Hi Lulu! Thanks! As I mentioned to MissE, I really shouldn't have talked that one up. My government secrets suck.

Mr. Guinness, thanks! :-)

Steph! Thanks missy. And of course, you are the exception to the wank poetry rule, because of your awesomeness. (uh oh, I've broken rule one)

Miss Devylish! Aw, you make me blush. Thanks, lovey.