Thursday, June 25, 2009

I joined Twitter last week. I joined it so I could follow Peter Serafinowicz, with no intent of ever using it, and then while I was out drinking with workfolk the discussion moved to Twitter, and I started using it.

(Also, have arrived home to discover that Miss Audrey Apple has already posted a similar (though much better worded) confession. Quite freaky.)

I am not game enough to link it, because it is all Real Name-ish, and Real Photo-ish, and for the first time ever I am doing something on the internet without my anonymity to back me up. Can you believe it!

But, this post is supposed to be small, because all I'm saying is that I joined it, and am therefore officially NOT the last person on the bandwagon, for once in my life.

Or maybe I am.

Either way, you are permitted to punch me in the face now.


Lucy said...

Man, I am way behind the times as I don't have a twitter account. My friends are all non computer type people, Beth has only just stopped calling the internet the interweb so I don't see myself having anyone to talk to on twitter.

But, like, say, if you wanted to email me your account username I could totally see how cute you are? Huh? Huh? Good idea!

Mark said...

OMG I have gazed upon the teh face of RAT. I fucking win at google!

Seriously though, I only did it because Lucy made me curious. Blame her.

lucy said...

Dammit! Why does Mark get to see your cute face?

That's it, Mark, you are my internet nemesis.

(FYI - I am far too lazy to be a proper nemesis, but still it's a good title to have dude.)

RAT said...

Lucy, I will cut you a deal. Start using Twitter and I will totally follow you. And the only reason Mark has seen my profile is because he is the sneakiest man in the world.

Mark, you sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky man. Sneaky.

Nakabunot Kay said...

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RAT said...

Thanks, Captain Spamalot!