Friday, June 12, 2009

I have come to a realisation. Nobody can read my face. My face is unreadable. I often find myself in scenarios like the following:

[Scene: a management meeting, Director present, discussing boring crap about boring work and the like]

Manager: Well what I would like to propose is [insert proposal here]
Me: [listening, however thinking dreamily about having leftover Mum's Stew for lunch]
Manager: Oh, well just look at RAT's face, she doesn't like it!

[All turn to look at me]

Me: Oh, um, not at all?

[Conversation continues]

Manager: So I guess the main idea is [insert main idea here]
Me: [listening, however contemplating how many pieces of Hubba Bubba are required to blow a bubble the size of my torso]
Manager: Look at RAT's face, she obviously has something to say about that!

And so on. The most common one is receiving comments that I look as though I don't like something, when in fact I do actually like it, or don't really care about it much, but am definitely not opposed to it. Maybe I just have a disagreeable face and look like a miserable git all of the time? Very possible.

Maybe this is to do with turning 26 next week? And my rapidly ageing face is handing out mixed messages to everyone?

Also very possible.

Well I guess it is better than everyone and their mother being able to work out exactly what I'm thinking just by looking at me. Yes? Hmm.


lucy said...

Dude, that's weird. But a poker face, albeit a weirdly out of sync face, would be awesome.

I have no poker face, I start to almost twitch if I don't like something.

Must work on that. said...

I think I may have the same problem, so does my sister. People think I don't like them, or that I don't like stuff all the time.
I can't help it. Apparently sad/angry scowl is just what my face does, even when I am actually completely neutral.

nailpolishblues said...

I once had a teacher get upset with me because she thought I was giving her dirty looks. It was the last time I really bothered paying attention in her class. Stupid paranoid old bitch.

My relaxed face is pretty hardarse. It gets worse when I concentrate. I suppose it's memorable but the hassle isn't enough to make me smile all the time so that other people feel better. Also, I look like a twat when I smile so try to avoid it...

Mark said...

Whatevar. Shelley looks great when she smiles.

RAT probably just has a natural scowl, like this woman:

RAT said...

Lucy, a proper poker face would be good, where you've got total control over how you look and the message that you give out to people. Having no control but bizarrely giving out totally wrong messages with your face is definitely weird. I will have to discuss this with my mother to find out if it's due to dodgy genes.

i.h.m.n, and it's really annoying, right? Getting "what's wrong?" and "everything ok?" when there's no problems at all. I blame the rest of the world; surely it's not us.

Nails, what's weird is that I smile heaps, mainly because I'm normally nervously giggling like I'm 8, but apparently in those moments that I'm not giggling, my face turns downward and hateful. I am just accepting of it now; I shrug and move on. Stupid work people.

Mark, I can't believe you just revealed my identity on the internet. I looked at pictures of her and I don't think she actually looks that scowly at all. But this could just be because I'm used to my own miserable face.