Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spending all your time in the house like a hermit is not good for the blog fodder. I contemplated blogging being called a "completist" today, and then figured I couldn't drag it out for more than a couple of sentences. And then I considered blogging about how I had chicken soup for lunch yesterday, but I realised that you would be so fascinated that you would probably combust from the excitement.

So yes, bad for the blog. But excellent for my pockets, as I am hugely loaded with cash after spending absolutely nothing this weekend, except for the compulsory food costs. Normally I would be out and about, buying clothes I won't wear and items I won't use, but sitting on my arse with my hair all bird nesty seems to be working pretty well for me.

Obviously not for the whole social aspect. And it sort of sucks when you're so accustomed to the darkness that the sunlight makes you cower like a vampire.

But other than that, good.

Um. So, hey. How's it going?

How about that chicken soup, hey?


Adam said...

Good thanks.

Dude, Things are overrated. We got a supercheap electronic drumkit this weekend and also did Things, but honestly, the Things kept us away from learning new instruments - or in my case, instruments.

phishez_rule said...

Hmm. I made pea and ham soup yesterday. It was yum. Seriously. YUM!

Meme's are always good. I mean, no one reads them, but they're good. Make you feel productive.

Mark said...

Yeah, I guess I'm writing a comment here but I have nothing of substance to say either. I would ask you what you mean by 'completist' but I'm sure it would be pretty dull.

Uh, ok bye.

lucy said...

I'm well thanks. Also, birds nest hair? One of my favourite styles, closely followed by 'combed by fingers. '

RAT said...

Adam, yeah, Things really can get in the way of other stuff. I think I am going to take a break from Things and stick with the Stuff for a while.

Phishez, good plan! I just have to decide which one to do. Or maybe I will just make one up.

Mark, this blog is all about nothing at the moment. I could've sworn I had more to write about, back in the old days.

Lucy, awesome! Unfortunately I rock the birds nest look even when I am trying to look neat and tidy and presentable. It's my signature look.